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Monica Pitek-Fugedi, LPC, NCC

Monica Pitek-Fugedi, LPC, NCC

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Dedicated to providing strategies and resources to help overcome obstacles and learn more about mental health issues.


Weekly episodes informing you on the latest mental health news and proven strategies to getting unstuck.

Introduction Video

Videos providing information about anxiety and trauma, and tools to help overcome everyday obstacles.

Welcome to Whole Mind Wellness

Before seeking therapy from me, you might find yourself feeling overwhelmed by worry or fear. You might notice that you are not able to enjoy life and feel trapped by endless anxious thoughts and ruminating emotions. You might find that you feel angrier, less patient, or victimized. I will help you to challenge negative thoughts and beliefs so that you take charge of your life and feel empowered to write your own narrative.

Like you, I have struggled with anxiety, and have experienced traumatic events. I understand the feeling of being stuck and overwhelmed by fear, worry, and thought rumination. In my 15 years of experience, I have helped many people learn strategies to overcome persistent negative thoughts.

My goal is to create a relaxed environment for you to feel safe to share your story. You can begin your journey to self-empowerment and relief by scheduling an appointment, letting me help you make a plan, and working together to execute the plan.

Being a client of mine means that you will experience self-awareness and empowerment. You will feel better able to identify triggers and manage emotional responses. In the long term, you will feel calmer, more peaceful, and in control of your life.

Video Introduction: https://share.icloud.com/photos/0U3azyKUC0xqORjyNS4g4y6DA

Therapist's Guide to Getting Unstuck: https://anchor.fm/wholemindwellness

How to Live with Anxiety: simple strategies to empowerment


How to Live with Anxiety

Work Book

The Art of Showing Up

Both can be found on www.payhip.com

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